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First can I say that had it not been for Pilates, now I would be just half sitting on one of those  high stools or chairs, not balancing (or perching!!)  on the branches of trees which I find very enjoyable.  Before practising Pilates it was difficult and painful to balance or sit on "normal" chairs or sofas.  This branch of the tree is about 40 cms from the ground. Photo taken 18 June 2010, by Izumy Danda.

I suffered neck, shoulder and lower back pain. After having being to osteopaths and chiropractors without success I started to practise Pilates. Soon I started to see and feel the benefits.

I also have practised yoga, tai-chi qi-gong, which is what in part Joseph Pilates incorporated in his method. Once, when in a group class, the instructor could not come the other paritcipants said I should teach the class which I did. Afterwards they said they liked my teaching very much. This encouraged me to continue teaching. I have been teaching mainly one to one for about three years.

To learn more about the Pilates Method I carried out research and put into practice my findings. I then discovered not only the health benefits but became aware of the elegant bodily movements that comes with good posture and deportment. In order to share my findings, help other people and further my knowledge I decided to qualify as a Pilates instructor. I trained at Pilates International with Heather Sampson, who herself was trained by Gordon Thomson.

I have attended workshops on balance to prevent falls, human movement, safe walking and Eurythym.

pilates by maria



In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and in 30 you will have a whole new body.
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