For Better Balance, Pilates and Tai Chi Beat Yoga


A 1996 study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that for people 70 and older, tai chi cut the risk of falling nearly in half after only 15 weeks. (1)

Professor Debra Rose, codirector of the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence said: "For high-risk individuals like the elderly, yoga is simply not a sufficiently intense activity to lower the risk of falls," She also added that while yoga emphasizes static poses, which can be helpful for balance when standing still, tai chi and pilates are more effective at improving motor control and coordination for walking—when most falls occur.

It must be noted that Joseph Pilates exercises are drawn from many different influences such as Yoga, self-defence, Martial Arts, Yoga, Tai Chi, ancient Greek and Roman regimens in addition to Western Philosophies. Pilates realised that the Western methods placed an emphasis upon competitive strength and endurance, while Eastern methods stressed relaxation, breathing and suppleness . His method combines the best of each discipline.

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