Pilates Studio Belsize Park, Hampstead


At my one to one Pilates studio in the Belsize Park, you will find a friendly, relaxing and intimate atmosphere with highest quality Pilates small equipment. I make clients first to relax and feel at ease encouraging them to explore their unique physical capabilities.

By the way although machines such as the reformer, cadlillac or wunda chair are good for enhancing your Pilates practice, I can help you to achieve a beautiful balanced and flexible body by using small equipment.

Also I have adapated the elastic bands (dyna or thera bands) bands so the work in the Pilates reformer is replicated say up to a 60%. One client said "this is better" than the reformer. I'm not saying you can replace the reformer with the elastic bands but you can get a good work out at a lower price than you will pay when using a reformer. A good example is the client you can see in my home page, with scoliosis, who I have been teaching since November 2009. In just over five months not only her spine and posture improved but also she is fitter and leaner.

However if you pefer to have the Pilates session in the comfort of your own home, I can take the equipment to your place.



In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and in 30 you will have a whole new body.
Joseph Pilates

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