The Pilates method

The Pilates method has gradually evolved and integrated current bio-mechanical thinking. The Pilates core method is still taught adding new forms and techniques that teachers incorporate.


The following are the main mat exercises. For most of the original exercises there are variations and also modifications to meet the person's needs.


1. The hundred
2. The roll up
3. The roll over with legs spread (both ways)
4. The one leg circle (both ways)
5. Rolling back
6. The one leg stretch
7. The double leg stretch
8. The spine stretch
9. Rocker with open legs
10. The cork-screw
11. The saw
12. The swan-dive
13. The one leg kick
14. The double kick
15. The neck pull
16. The scissors
17. The bicycle
18. The shoulder bridge
19. The spine twist
20. The jack knife
21. The side kick
22. The teaser
23. The hip twist with stretched arms
24. Swimming
25. The leg-pull - front
26. The leg-pull
27. The side kick kneeling
28. The side bend
29. The boomerang
30. The seal
31. The crab
32. The rocking
33. The control balance
34. The push up

Equipment developed by Joseph Pilates for the exercises:
Reformer, wunda chair, arm chair, tower, cadillac and barrel.
This type of equipment uses springs to both assist and resist movement.

In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and in 30 you will have a whole new body.
Joseph Pilates

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